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79DESIGN.es can help you create your Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, Word Press blogs and so on. Amazing banners on these pages. Keeping it updated, and showing feeds on your homepage are the key!

Facebook, Twitter and Blog feeds all show dynamically on your homepage - so update your blog, and it updates the homepage.

Visit our Social Media pages, and why not join us - these pages are based in the UK and updated by our UK team.

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Twitter enables fast communication, 'Tweets', people can follow you easily, send messages, so you can be in quick contact with your customers and fans. Works with Instagram for photos too.

Facebook is a global brand; we recommend creating a Facebook 'Page' to can manage users, broadcast messages, photos, competitions - and they are sent and shown on your customers' smartphones if they have the Facebook App.

WordPress is a Google recognised 'Blogging' tool that is installed on your web site, and managed from there. Photographs, videos, links to your products, and all of it can be optimised for search engines really well.

Instagram does many things, but one thing we find it does brilliantly is to help you submit a photo to most of your web site Social Media feeds in one click. Take a photo, submit it to your Instagram account, and instantly share it to your Facebook Page and Twitter account! It's instantly then on your homepage too.

Google+ has become a very prominent social media source that Google obviously likes to see on your web site. Similarly to Facebook and Twitter, you can upload a cover photo and profile photo, send blog messages, share messages and so on.