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We answer your most common questions here. Enter your question below, and we will do our best to answer.

Your opening times are 'Office Hours', but can I contact you our of hours?
Yes - absolutely. Our phone number is available during those times, but we monitor emails all the time. Don't hesitate to email us. We also try to respond inside literally 'minutes'. But normally the same day.
How will I upload photos and things like products to my site?
Very easily - it's done via a 'CMS', or Content Management System that we create for you. Please visit Shop page for details.
Do you sell any guns, as we have seen you look after some gun web sites.
We are regularly asked if we sell products that are on web sites we manage. No we do not sell them - we proudly manage and maintain the web sites for companies that do.
Can I upload photos to a web site?
Most of our web sites have the means to upload product photos, galleries, photos of your staff, news photos - you name it.
How many photos and pictures am I allowed in a gallery on a product page?
We can limit this if you choose, but as a rule, we never limit it. However, too many images can clutter your site. We will help you to achieve the best results tho.
Do you provide services in Europe, out anywhere outside the UK?
Yes. We already provide these services outside the UK, so don't hesitate to contact us.
Do I need a bank account, like PayPal to take online payments?
Yes - we can help you with that. Please visit Shop page and choose the PayPal question.
Do you work weekends?
Our office hours at Monday to Friday, but we do operate limited hours on weekends if a client needs us. Our support is very fast, and have often helped clients at midnight and even the early hours of the morning. We are always here to help if and when you need us.
I need help quickly, to fix my web site. It has problems. Can you help?
More than likely, yes. Our specialities are in certain web site language (how they are written). A Greek specialist cannot help with a Spanish written document. It's the same with us. Often it's easier for us to re-write your web site at a very reasonable cost, then we can fully manage it for you in the future and take good care of you around the clock.
How much does a web site cost?
As every customer and their needs are different, we try to provide an accurate quote individually. Please contact us to discuss what you'd like from your web site, and what you'd like it to do. Or visit costs for a rough estimate.
I want a simple, basic web site just to show what I do for a living. And to get myself online. Can you help with that?
Most definitely. Our services range from top-end e-commerce web sites, to the more personal individual web sites. We have produced these for years. Go to Contact us, and fill out the form and tell us what you are looking for - or give us a call during working hours.
How can you get me onto Google search engine results?
We have a few specialised techniques that 'attracts' Google to your web site, however neither we nor to hardly any site designers guarantee top ranking. We do work hard to ensure all your 'Meta' code is correct and know the various points Google looks for to rise you right to the top.
How long does it take to setup a web site? What's the timescale?
This depends of course on what you need from a site. A basic 5-10 pager, just showing your address, various pages of information, and design, would take a week or two. But can be done much faster if needed - just ask!
Do you host the web sites?
No we don't. We manage the entire hosting of it, setup emails, and have full access to all that is needed in the hosting package - we this is done by professionals in the hosting industry, with very secure and safe servers. We vary in who we use, but full details will be given on request.
Can you help me with the 'design' of a new site as well?
Yes of course - this is where we shine. We generally create 3 screenshots for you, each with varying design features, basic and advanced layouts, and then go through in detail with you to agree what you'd like. This can include changing colours, shades, positioning etc. Until you are 100% happy and joyous! Then it's all systems go.
Can you do XML Feeds?
We have worked with XML before. Our best answer to this, is contact us to ask about your specific needs and we will look closely at it for you.
I want to promote on Facebook and Twitter group pages - do you help with that?
Yes we certainly can. Creating 'groups' or Pages on those social networks is relatively simple, as are adding plugins and links to your web site to show what's 'live' in your group.
What support services do you offer?
We pride ourselves in offering first class support, 7 days a week. For some clients, it is 24 hours a day, since some of our web sites have fantastically high traffic, and need to have issues resolved around the clock. We are there for you, when you need us. Our office telephone number is 686 161 239, and our support email address is support@79design.es or use our Livechat service below.