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basic simple web sites can be brilliant
basic web sites

We often create the simplest 5-10 page web site, with a few photographs, banner, menu - we love it.

Don't go to the big design agencies for a smaller web site, come to us. We make it simple, but best of all, the simpler web sites should still be looking their best. Shining above your competitors' web sites.

A simple web site could be:
  • for a local bar or restaurant
  • hair dressing salon
  • small street shop
  • DIY handy man/gardener
  • electricians, plumbers etc
  • tutors, teachers
  • online seller who doesn't need dynamic content
If any of the above are you, or you are not in that list, but really need a special web site that looks amazing, but is also affordable, and comes with our terrific customer support service, call the number above, email us, or click the chat button at the foot of this page.

Can you turn my design image into a web site?

We have done this before - taking a screenshot of a web site a client's had made, and turned that in a reality web site for them. Often this is because they cannot create it, and want us to take the reigns; also because they have had a screenshot done, but the design company had "issues", so the client has come to us. We are deeply proud when this happens and take great pride and attention to ensure the web site looks identical to picture they have supplied.